Tuesday, 17 December 2013

November Antics

City Centre Trip 03/11/13

 Our first November outing was a trip into Hull city centre to get some photos and generally have a wander, dust off our cameras and brush up our skills. After a few hours of exploring the area and capturing some good shots around the city, eventually the cold weather got the better of the group and we took refuge inside with some hot chocolates for company:

To see all the group's photos from this trip click here.

Thor 2 Cinema Trip 06/11/13

A spontaneous outing to Reel to see the second instalment of this Marvel classic was arranged last minute by Lewis and Raluca. With a fair few members deciding to come along we soon discovered that group cinema trips weren't quite as simple as you'd assume... Note to selves: pre-book tickets and seats in future. The film itself was better than expected, though I'd say that with such an absurdly attractive cast, the quality of the story itself could have been worse.

Disagree, I dare you.

Humber Bridge 17/11/13

It has long been a mission of the exec team to hold a trip out to the Humber Bridge as many of us had not been there, and visions of the perfect dusky sunset shot had often been set here. Sadly the English weather (uncharacteristically) failed to provide this opportunity on the day, although everyone who came along seemed grateful for a new subject and the chance to add to their albums regardless. Soggy camera equipment was however narrowly missed by Lewis and Jack after leaving their bags unattended during a rising tide... muppets.

This shot was captured by Lewis and seems to be a firm favourite with members on the event album. Rightly so! 

Pub Golf 21/11/13

Our first drinking social of the month was pub golf themed, with some pretty respectable efforts made as far as costumes were concerned. For those of you who may not have played, each venue on the route is set a drink and a 'par', within which your drink must be finished. As always there was very little enforcement involved, but people's competitive natures definitely surfaced and there were some members who were well under par through the night! Sadly the group did suffer a drunken casualty before the night was over:

This poor guy didn't make it.
 And poor Jack found himself on the victimised end of a group kidnapping when he tried to leave before Welly...

Landscape Workshop 26/11/13

Our last November workshop was landscape themed, with a focus upon the varying challenges of different scene types and the ideal composition techniques we recommend for each one. As a team we try to incorporate a practical element into each workshop, but as there is a distinct lack of abundance of appropriate scenery in Wilberforce, we decided to replace this with an emphasis on group discussion and Q&A. This seemed to go down pretty well and helped create a more relaxed atmosphere within the group, and also gave us a chance to share the tips and expertise of individual members.

Coming Soon...

As we are now most of the way through December there has been no shortage of workshops, events and gatherings since, but for details you'll just have to wait until next month! ;) Don't forget our monthly competition ends on 10/01/14, for details please check the group. And congratulations again to Miles for winning last month's comp!

With term ending in just a few days we'd like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas, and thank you all for getting so involved in the society this semester! For those of you whose time in Hull may be almost up (international students) it's been fantastic to have you join us and you'd better stay in touch. To those around for the 2014 semester we can't wait to see you again in the New Year! Don't forget to keep posting your holiday photos on the Facebook group as we love to know what you're getting up to!


Sunday, 1 December 2013

November Competition

Good morning! Last month we ran a Black & White competition for which the winner has been announced today. After receiving eleven entries in total and a whole week of voting, we would like to congratulate Miles Twist on winning the competition! A victory well deserved! Check out the rest of his handy work http://www.flickr.com/photos/milestwist

Friday, 8 November 2013

October/ Early November Shenanigans

So despite everyone's looming deadlines and other uni-related stresses (who came here to work, right?) we've had a pretty busy past month as a society, with several socials and our first two workshops under our belt already. Here's a summary of our antics, for those of you who took part to reminisce and for those of you who may have been busy or unsure about joining to see what you can expect in future:

Fresher's Societies Fair 02/10/13

This year our stall at the prestigious societies fair (only award-winning societies are given a spot) was a roaring success, with a record 250 students- both new and returning- signing up to show their interest in Photography. This put us an incredible 100 emails above last year's record, a trend we're hoping to continue in the following 2014/15 academic year. (Let's just take a second to appreciate how scary it is that we're fast approaching 2015. I hope this makes you all feel as old as it does me!) As always, the team faced a lot of questions and apprehension over the level of expertise 'required' to join the society: let me just take a moment to assure you that we welcome members of all abilities, from those who own nothing but a point-and-shoot digital camera, to those of you like our Secretary Connor who have a wealth of experience and are employed to professionally photograph events. Our workshops are designed to widen your knowledge and increase your confidence, so we encourage members to take full advantage!

Fresher's Social 08/10/13

Our first social of the year saw a brilliant turnout and some truly fantastic efforts at nailing the Geeks and Nerds theme set for the night. Top marks definitely go to Miles:
Everyone seemed to have a fantastic time with the drinking games and dad-dancing entertainment witnessed throughout the night. It was brilliant to meet you all and once again, thank-you to those who came!

Hull Fair 12/10/13

Despite the typical English weather a number of us bravely faced the chaos that is Hull fair, cameras in tow. The endless lights and displays against the late evening backdrop provided ample opportunity for some fantastic photos, such as this slow-shutter beauty of Connor's:

Some of the rest of the images can be found on our facebook page at:

Cult Cinema Club 20/10/13

For those of you who may still not have heard, FRuIT Space in Hull run monthly cult cinema screenings at their Dockside venue near Old Town. A number of us went along to their showing of Donnie Darko as a casual social and it has to be said, the experience was fantastic! Included in the ticket price is entry to their film quiz and (if pre-bought online) some tasty cinema snacks. Food was also provided by a local company and the majority of us were enticed into trying their authentic meatloaf and mash as the smell was just too good!

Though we were all pretty hopeless at the quiz it was a fantastic chance to relax before returning to the stresses of our looming exhibition opening...

Photography Exhibition 21/10/13

After a group preparation session where members came to crop, mount and hang their photos on display we were thrilled to present our first ever exhibition in the Art Cafe of the University's Middleton Hall, the opening of which cost £1 entry. All money raised went towards local charity Care4All, a fantastic group who provide services for the elderly and disabled in the North East region. Aside from the perks of being certified do-gooders, this was a unique and exciting opportunity for all of our members to showcase their favourite images and, for many of us, a first experience of professionally printing and displaying our own work.

Beginners Workshop and Treasurer Election 24/10/13

This workshop saw the election of our newest committee member, Jack, as treasurer, and it's safe to say he's settled well into the team already. Society president Lewis hosted our first workshop of the year, an introduction to photography and the factors to account for when capturing an image. The Powerpoint file can be found here:
for those members who may have missed out or wish to refer back to the information.

Events Workshop 31/10/13

 The focus of this workshop was events photography and those of you who have been to Asylum should not have been surprised that it was hosted by Connor, the resident photographer for the weekly Tower and Brassick events. The group was introduced to the equipment used within this role, the settings recommended for such an atmosphere and given tips on how to market themselves as photographers if interested in applying for paid work.

Coming Soon...

November is well under way and a number of events have already taken place (details in next month's blog update). Coming up we have our Humber Bridge photo outing on 17/11/13 and a pub-golf themed bar crawl to look forward to on 21/11/13. As always, keep checking the official society facebook page for updates and information.
We look forward to seeing you soon!


Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Hull Fair 2013

The Photography Society took a trip to Hull Fair on Saturday. Although the weather wasn't the best it could be, morale was high and we had a lot of fun. Even with the bad weather, some good photographs were captured. Particular favourites were photographing the Merry-go-round and the overview of the Fair from the Ferris Wheel. After a spot of photography, some of us enjoyed typical burger van food and even indulged in melted chocolate and strawberries. Although, I think the highlight of the night was the Dodgems!

Thanks for reading,

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Friday, 11 October 2013

Geeks and Nerds Social

Hello Everyone!
Our first social of the 2013/14 academic year was held last Tuesday at Fusion/ what is now Brooklyn Bar and was a roaring success! The theme was geeks and nerds, and I have to say I was thoroughly impressed with some people's efforts! Pink glasses I'm looking at you.
Despite a slight lack of organisation on the part of Fusion's management everybody seemed to have a fantastic time chatting away whilst dabbling in some casual drinking games - many of our members are wisely unenthusiastic about alcohol so we take care not to force or pressure anybody: some troopers got really involved and merry, others joined the games but did not drink, all seemed to enjoy the games regardless.
As a result of some very bizarre Ring Of Fire rules explained by our Events Co-ordinator Raluca everybody got the chance to discover some slightly mortifying 'I have never' truths about certain members of the group, and it's pretty safe to say that myself and Connor did not get off lightly. Payback for Raluca to be confirmed later... ;)

 Once the venue started to fill at around 10.30 the group headed upstairs and the inevitable tentative first steps on the dancefloor were faced, I have to say Lewis and Connor's bromantic dance sessions probably broke the ice because, let's face it, you're always more confident after someone else has made a fool of themselves. Love you really guys!

Thanks for reading and get yourselves down to the next social! Where and when is not yet confirmed - probably between the 21st and 25th - but as soon as this is decided we will post the event on our facebook page:

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Hello and Welcome!

Firstly I would just like to give you a warm welcome on behalf of myself (Lewis - President) and the rest of the executive committee. So, lets start with the details for our first social.


When: Tuesday, 8th October, 20:00
Where: Bar Fusion, Cottingham Road
Theme: Geeks and Nerds fancy dress!

You can also see the event on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1421690498042568/

Hope to see you all there, it's a good chance to get to know everyone and to chat to last year's members and the executive committee!

***Why should you join?***

The plan for this year is to have more workshops, socials and trips than ever before. We're currently looking at Amsterdam, London, Liverpool and camping closer to summer! Workshops are going to start at a beginner level and then advance through the year, allowing everyone to develop and take full advantage. As well as taking photographs, we also enjoy having fun. We have socials like any other society, you can come along and get very merry or not at all if that's not what you're into; there's no pressure/enforcement like that in our society. Hull University Photography Society, HUPS for short are in partnership with the National University Photography Society; this is a society which brings together all the university photography societies for special events like trips, events, competitions and socials. Last year we attended a 'photohunt competition' in Liverpool, where people won cameras!! We also got rather refreshed in Liverpool during the evening with around 25 other photography societies. Anyways, I shall leave it at that. If you want to know more, why not turn up to the social?!

***How can you join?***


Head to http://www.hullstudent.com/membership/ Log in and select 'Photography society' from the list. The society is £2 to join and there is an additional charge of £2 for the union if you are not already a member of a society. Remember to send your email address to, photosoc.hulluni@gmail.com, so you can receive updates etc.

In the Union:

Go to the the first floor of the Union to see Adam Sheridan, the Student Activities Coordinator (SAC) and sign up there.

Anyways guys, that is all from me for now. I hope to see you at the social on Tuesday, it's going to be a good one!

All the best,

Lewis Jones

Monday, 12 August 2013

Getting ready for September!

Hello everyone! Good news, we are re-launching the University of Hull's Photography Society blog! 

Expect to see us at the Fresher's fair at the university in September. You can sign up there or online through http://www.hullstudent.com/membership/ (just make sure you wait till September for that). We have numerous activities, events and workshops planned for the year (as well as many shenanigans!), and it all starts in fresher's week. Keep your eyes peeled for further updates.
You can follow us on either of these sites:

Twitter: @HU_UPS

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Photography-Society-of-Hull-University/


Catch you soon!